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Barb La Ganza is a lover of food, both cooking and eating!


“I have always loved food.  Long before I could read and write I was an avid visitor in the home kitchen cooking up a storm, and leaving a whirlwind of mess in the process!


My father instilled in me a thirst for food that I have yet to fully quench. I never tire anything to do with food.  Eating it, reading about it, looking at it and learning about it. They say some people eat to live – I most definitely live to eat (and cook)!!


Whilst and post university I worked in a gourmet delicatessen.  Although I enjoyed study and uni life, my passion for food just kept growing. I read countless magazines about food and food ideas, and it was not long after I graduated that I realised that I enjoyed working with food more that in my selected field of architecture. In 1996 I made the decision to make food my career, and have been doing that ever since although some of my cake designs do involve a fair share of architectural work!


Barbette’s Feast was born in 2005 and I attribute its continued growth to my belief of putting my heart and soul into every item that leaves our kitchen.  In 2007 I was introduced to the art of cake decorating. Taking my love for food and my skills as an architect, I dived into the art of cake design and creation.  This new chapter for Barbette’s Feast provided me with the ability to really personally tailor each event to suit the personality and interests of the recipient.


As a proud Northern Beaches resident, I have happily donated cupcakes to many local fundraisers and charity events and love nothing more than other people enjoying my food!



Barbette’s Feast was established in 2005 as an expression of the passion and quality that Barb has for food.  Barbette’s Feast appreciates the value of quality ingredients used simply to create delicious flavours for all to savour.  With food having the power to turn a simple event into an occasion, Barbette’s Feast loves helping people to turn celebrations into something special be it through the catering or cakes Barb crafts or teaching people to do so themselves via her cooking classes.

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